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Economics for Managers 2e Paul Farnham
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(Economics for Managers 2e Paul Farnham solutions)

About the Book
Economics for Managers presents the fundamental ideas of microeconomics and macroeconomics and then integrates them from a managerial decision-making perspective in a framework that can be used by any manager, executive or decision-maker.

To be competitive in today’s business environment, managers must understand how economic forces affect their business and what must be considered when making business decisions.  This is the only book that provides a thorough and applied understanding of both micro- and macroeconomic concepts to the non-economics based reader.

The second edition retains all the same core concepts and straightforward material on micro- and macroeconomics while incorporating new case material and real-world examples.

Managers and Economics; Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium Prices; Demand Elasticities ; Techniques for Understanding Consumer Demand and Behavior; Production and Cost Analysis in the Short Run; Production and Cost Analysis in the Long Run; Market Structure: Perfect Competition; Market Structure: Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition; Market Structure: Oligopoly;  Pricing Strategies for the Firm; Measuring Macroeconomic Activity ; Spending by Individuals, Firms, and Governments on Real Goods and Services;  The Role of Money in the Macro Economy; The Aggregate Model of the Macro Economy; International and Balance of Payments Issues in the Macro Economy; Combining Micro and Macro Analysis for Managerial Decision Making

MARKET:  For managers and executives with a basic foundation of micro- and macroeconomic concepts who would like to improve their core understanding of these principles in order to apply them from a managerial perspective.

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